Tessa Boomkamp (07-05-1977), Graduated cum laude at the Enschede musical acadamy (light music, drums). Post graduated, she followed the second phase for 1 year with specialism "studio drums".Some of her teachers were: Danny Sahupala, Hans Dekker, Rene Engel and Ton Dijkman. During her academic period, she sang in some regional bands in the east part of Holland (Fasten your seatbelts, PPM-band). After her graduation, she was asked to join Marlayne on vocals as well as on guitar. Things started to roll and she became a member (and still is) of the backing band of Marco Borsato, where she backs him on vocals, drums and on guitar. Furthermore she did a lot of sessions with different artists like Sita, Ten Sharp and Ivar. Currently she's playing with Marco Borsato, Girls wanna have fun, Werring, Moksie Mokum (Ivar) and Normaal. Tessa is strongly inspired and influenced by Jeff Porcaro. Toto is the kind of music she grew up with. Her favorite singers are Sheryl Crowe and India Arie.

Tessa Boomkamp
Born: 07-05-1977 te Borne

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CD Alone FR 004-2 02-07-2005 8713606910797


1 Beautiful Day 3:34
2 Alone 2:21
3 Allright 2:56
4 Chasing the Sun 3:50
5 Coming Home 3:12
6 Realy love u 3:35
7 Yeah Yeah 2:52
8 The Real Thing 2:47
9 I've Got You 3:12
10 Brain 3:26
11 Nothing at all 3:38