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"Venice is the best vocal group in the country,
and one of the best groups of any kind I have ever heard."
– David Crosby
“Venice, one of my favourite bands, is quintessentially Californian,
with soaring harmonies. It’s such a pleasure to play with these guys,
because they have that power”
- Jackson Browne

Kipp, Pat, Mark and Michael Lennon together form the Californian Group VENICE. Over the past two years they have earned themselves a huge following in the Netherlands. Their “2 Meter Sessies” CD went for gold and was rendered the prestigious Edison Award. The “Welcome to the rest of your life” tour took them all over Holland as well as Germany where they toured with The Beach Boys.

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Flow Records,
labelmanager: Neeltje Mooring: 0031-(0)20 5353704,

White Mountain Management, Dick van Berkum
Office: +31(0) 573-441877,

The Alternative, Willem Venema +31(0)6 53667516 , willem@thealternative.nl

CD Pacific Standard Time FR 001-2 22/11/04 8713606910766


Pacific Standard Time

01. I'll Keep My Fingers Crossed 4:25
02. Cotton Candy 4:14
03. Alive Again 3:38
04. Everybody's Opium 4:15
05. Back To The Well 6:16
06. You And Me Doing Nothing 4:23
07. When Your Ship Comes In 4:23
08. Right Where We Left Off 4:16
09. Two Places At One Time 3:47
10. Blue Ocean Park Waltz 3:54
11. Don't Worry Worry 4:06
12. All Or Nothing At All 3:24
13. Fifteen Presents 4:39
14. Pebble In A Pond 3:02
15. Happiness Is The Best
Revenge 3:41

This album contains ONLINE Bonus material!
Pacific Standard Time is the ninth release of Venice.
The record is produced by bandmember Michael Lennon.
The album boasts 15 instant classics, brand new songs that
were written and recorded over an impressive four month marathon.

First promotional single: 'Everybody's Opium'
Second promotional single: 'll Keep my fingers crossed'


DVD 5.1/DTS Live at the Royal Carré Theatre ID 0039-9 8713606910391

Live at the Royal Carré Theatre

1. Concert:
01. We're still here                                         
02. Hideaway Hill                                           
03. Circle Of Life
04. The Only Love I Had
05. Road To Where You Are
06. Starting Here Again                
07. Precious Stone                                        
08. Sweet Aloha                                            
09. Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life
10. Family Tree
11. Stuck In The Middle With You                     
12. Always                                                   
13. Most Of Us                                              
15. End Of The World
16. World Upon My Back
17. The Man You Think I Am  
18. Think Again
19. If I Were You
20. One Quiet Day

DVD Extra’s
2. Documentary
3. Family feature (Incl. tracks ‘Adobe Hacienda’ and ‘Scarborough Faire’)
4. Photogallery
5. Credits